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History of how Films came to be


Who does not like watching their favorite movie again and again?

That gush of exuberance and excitement is what keeps the audience glued to their seat. However, that cannot be applicable for horror movies! Films are fiction, non-fiction and sometimes both, it is even better to listen to the sounds as well. Films reach out to numerous people, it is a successful way to proclaim your ideas and raise your voice for a certain issue. This article will explain you the history of film-making and methods used to make it. Continue reading

Difference between Introvert and Extrovert Personality Types

Introversion and Extroversion

This essay differentiates between introversion and extroversion personality types.

There are two types of personality traits and they are extroversion and introversion. Extroverts are social, aggressive, outgoing and love to attend parties and join groups. They love group work and socializing is their way of recharging their batteries. Introverts are entirely the opposite of extroverts. They are quite, reserved, they love to spend time alone, and they prefer solitude because it is their way of recharging their batteries. Highly stimulating surroundings drain their energy and they need time in solitude to regroup and regain their focus. There is nothing wrong on being an introvert or an extrovert as both are personality traits. Continue reading

Effects of Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Consumption And The Effects Of Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is often seen as something fun. Many students in high school and college consume alcohol in large quantities as they think it is fun. After a long hectic week, they gather at a party and consume alcohol all night and get drunk. The habit becomes so chronic that a time comes when some of them become completely dependent on alcohol. Alcohol is not bad at all if it is consumed moderately but if consumed excessively it can play havoc with one’s health. Since alcohol is kind of a relaxant among many people they do not take its harmful effects seriously and continue consuming it excessively. Read more and learn about alcohol consumptions and the effects of alcohol consumption. Continue reading

Factors which Motivate Employees

Motivation is key

According to studies when an employee starts a new job he is very enthusiastic and full of vigor to put his best efforts towards the growth of a company. But after initial six months that motivation and vigor start to decline and continues to deteriorate for years to come for a number of reasons. Motivation is a key factor for anyone and it is the main driving force for an employee. If he or she lacks motivation then it could prove to be not just disastrous for him/her but the company as well. Usually, demotivated employees lack passion and enthusiasm for work they once had when they joined a particular company.In this article, we will discuss the key factors that can contribute to employee motivation which could also lead to positive contribution towards a company in the long run. Continue reading

Fair market value

Fair market value of an asset tends to determine the price of an asset that is based on its current value. However, book value also known as the carrying value or depreciated cost is a term which is determined by the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles that states the value of an asset should be depreciated over its useful life. It is the amount that should be recorded on the balance sheet and later this depreciation can then be transferred to the profit and loss account as an expense. It is essential to differentiate between the two terms as both of having certain benefits and costs associated with it. Yet the advantages of recording asset in the statements at the fair market value overweigh the benefits of book value since it shows a more transparent picture of the value of an asset. Continue reading

Understanding Induction Program and its Benefits

Understanding Induction Program and its Benefits

Induction program for employees means providing basic information about the background of the company, the information they need to perform their activities satisfactorily. It may be defined as an orientation program for the newly hired employees. This information includes issues such as payroll, obtaining identification cards, the working hours and who will work with the new employee. Continue reading

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